Starting Multi-Agent System Environment

by ondrej on March 31st, 2007

By starting the Rinda multi-agent system environment we will start the following functionalities:

  • Blackboard. Agents will be able to access a shared place for messages.
  • Discovery service. Agents will be able to find the blackboard automatically.

The whole multi-agent system environment can by started from one file, let’s call it rinda.rb:

require 'rinda/ring'
require 'rinda/tuplespace'


ts = ts

puts 'The blackboard is started...'


Of course, the name can be different :), but in the future examples we will refer to it as the rinda.rb file.

The environment can be started with following line:

ruby rinda.rb

After a start, the message The blackboard is started… appears and the system fully started and ready to serve. :)

Files to download: rinda.rb.

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