Take Message From Blackboard

by ondrej on March 31st, 2007

The Rinda multi-agent system environment is already running, on the blackboard is written a message, so the last step is to read it :)

The following functionalities will be shown:

  • Creation of an agent.
  • Locating the blackboard.
  • Taking a message.

Although a logical opposite operation to the write operation should be the read operation, it is not so in the blackboard system: the operation read only checks if a message is there (this will be shown in a post that will follow); the operation take takes a message from the blackboard.

The agent source code is stored in the take.rb file:

require 'rinda/ring'


ts = Rinda::RingFinger.primary

result = ts.take [:message, nil], 0

puts "[0]: #{result[0]}"
puts "[1]: #{result[1]}"

Firstly, start the rinda.rb code (for more details see the post about starting multi-agent system environment), then, in a separate console, start the write.rb (for more details see the post about writing a message to the blackboard) and finally, in a separate console or in the same console where you started the write.rb file, type:

ruby take.rb

The agent connects to the blackboard, takes a message and shows two lines:

[0]: message
[1]: Hi there!

Files to download: rinda.rb, write.rb and take.rb.

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